An insight into Graduation regalia hire.

Graduation day is full of anticipation and heightened emotions. Students look towards the future as they celebrate with their friends and family. One crucial aspect of the day is the graduation regalia. Students are meant to be wearing their graduation colours during the graduation ceremony and sometimes way past the graduation service itself.  

If these are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and made from cheap material, their special day may turn out to be less than idyllic. A few things to keep in mind when you are looking for a company that offers Graduation regalia hire:

Quality academic gown hire and trencher cap.

Look for a range of academic dresses that include standard graduation gowns and trencher caps for students and graduation officials. Check that they stock Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D. gowns with a range of sizes to fit all graduates and officials.  

For trencher caps, the range of sizes will be very important. Have these for purchase so that Graduates can take them home as a memorable graduation reminder.

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Make dressing teams available before the graduation ceremony.

As Graduation Day can be stressful for all parties involved, hiring an experienced team of gowning staff ensures that graduates are correctly attired in their academic dress and feeling confident for this important event. 

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Advice on wearing graduation regalia.

Should you not hire the services of a dressing team, perhaps share a few tips and tricks with your students before the ceremony like:

  • Ensure that your academic gown hire or purchase falls below the knee and sits comfortably on the shoulders. Also, check that the gown doesn’t become a tripping hazard during the day.
  • Remember to wear the graduation cap with the mortarboard (that’s the flat part) parallel to the ground and the diamond-shaped point lines up with the middle of the forehead.   

Scene to Believe has a large inventory of academic regalia with storage in multiple locations along the eastern seaboard. 

In addition, our team has decades of experience in academic dress, education photography, and event management. 

Our services extend beyond traditional Graduation photography. They include academic regalia, merchandising, framing, ticketing, and seamless payment systems – all in one easy package.

Happy planning!

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