Up to 1000 student portraits per ceremony needed to be taken within a very tight schedule.


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Torrens University is a private university in Australia. With campuses in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, TUA conduct graduation ceremonies every year for each campus.  Graduation by Scene to Believe was commissioned to assist with the ticketing, handshake photography and formal portrait as well as academic regalia and gowning.


Every year 200 to 1000 students graduate from each campus.  With the tight schedules during graduation ceremonies, capturing each student at their best during important moments such as receiving their diplomas and formal photos can pose a challenge.

Graduation Ceremony - Graduation Photography - Scene To Believe


Graduations by Scene to Believe established a system where once students had been fitted with their academic regalia, proceeded to the formal portrait studio.  From there, students would be led towards the main ceremony hall and upon convocation to the stage, a photographer would capture the moment students received their diploma.   University officials and students were pleased with the seamless process and fantastic images that came from all ceremonies.

Female Graduate Receiving Diploma - Photographer For Graduation - Scene To Believe


Over the 4 ceremonies in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane:

  • 4000 official and student regalia.
  • 4000 formal and handshake photos.

4000 student portraits



Torrens – model for student value (all inclusive) – we shoot everyone, they get to choose their photo, etc

We provide gowning and a free digital photo to every student, to the Uni as part of their ticket

TUA have ceremonies in SA, NSW QLD AND VIC every year with anywhere from 200-1000 graduates attending that we service

Students get to choose from the stage or portrait photo, as part of their ticket

We manage to photograph each graduate twice – on stage and at gowning for a formal portrait, within very tight time frames