Graduates – 8 Reasons Why you need Professional Pictures

If you’ve end up here, you are likely looking for a quick fix. Your Mum has been on your case for the past few months and you haven’t decided what to do about the graduation picture.

Granted, you have lots to do. Final assignments, order your graduation cap and gown, ceremony, family gathering, friends and parties. A professional graduation photo may be at the bottom of the list.

You’re also asking yourself “Why graduation pictures anyway? Surely a few selfies with my cap and gown and Dad’s pictures off his mobile will do the trick?”.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Your parents want “real” pictures and your grandparents are unlikely to be satisfied with a few pictures off Instagram.

So before thinking of skipping over these, we have a few reasons why you should have professional pictures done.

1. These are NOT Your Parents Grad Pictures

You’ve been there.  After a couple of Tequila Sunrises whilst indulging in a Seven Layer Dip, your parents pull out the photo albums that live in the polished hutch beside the mixed tapes.

You know the pictures.  Graduation pics, likely with big hair and mullets and a good measure of unusual head tilts.

We’re pleased to say that Graduation Pictures have gone a long way since your parent’s days at school.

Alone or with family.  How about a quirky one with friends? Smiling, thumbs up, fist pump or jumping for joy, this is an opportunity to create a wonderful keepsake.

2. Score Brownie Points with Mum

As big as the moment is for you, it’s also a big occasion for your parents.  Graduation is a happy milestone and a moment of pride for yourself and your family.

The door may be slightly ajar or fully open of you leaving the family nest on your way to self-sufficiency.  Perhaps the tears shed by parents are a moment of recognition of the inevitability of life or simply of unbridled joy.

No matter what directions the emotion takes, your parents and family feel they have achieved this milestone with you.

Why not get a beautiful portrait for your parents and grandparents.  It’ll likely mean the world to Mum.

Smiling Old Couple Showing Something To A Young Woman - Graduation Photos - Scene To Believe

3. Christmas Gifts for Family. Done!

Parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties have seen you grow and some of them secretly didn’t think you’d make it!  Even if they have not supported your study years financially, they certainly will have provided you with some very important emotional support.

A graduation picture is a great gift to say thank you for their support.  Don’t forget the digital versions.  Your parents and grandparents are sure to take them everywhere and show to all how proud they are.

4. Keepsake for You and Your Mates

 It’s easy to dismiss a formal picture, especially with mates.  However, who knows the next time you’ll all be together again.  Have pictures done with close mates and graduating friends.  Posting your pictures online is also a great opportunity to share with friends the journey you’ve all been trough.  Have fun with it!

5. Update the Last Round of Family Pictures

Time to replace that family portrait at home? You know, the one your cringe every time you walk by? Consider a solo or family graduation portrait during professional photoshoot with gown and diploma with your siblings and parents in formal and semi-formal settings.

By themselves and with family members these cherished moments can be immortalised and at the same token you get to replace the pictures you’d rather not have looking back at you.

6. This is a Great Achievement – Get a Memento

You’ve rushed through deadlines, learned presentation skills and teamwork and you feel like you’ve run a marathon several times over.  Graduation is a great achievement – Celebrate it with a professional graduation photoshoot. 

Did you play netball, grass hockey or rugby at school?  Bring a prop along!  Like a time-capsule, having a picture with your favourite prop captures who you are at that particular moment in time.

7. Professional Head Shots

Maximise your photoshoot opportunity.  Whilst this is a great opportunity for formal graduation pictures and family portraits, take the opportunity to have professional head shots or images done for your professional online profile or resume.   Show how much of a well-development individual you are.  Make a bold and powerful statement with it.

8. This is About You!

For once you can get away with the statement.  

Yes, it’s all about you.

And an opportunity to immortalise this moment of victory forever.  It’s one of the few times in life when you hire a professional photographer, make it work for you!

Face it, you look good right now and a photoshoot done professionally has people looking at every detail to make the images perfect.  A hair out of place or a last-minute blemish, they have tricks to fix things during the individualised photo session. 

Give yourself a gift.  This is your photo session. Give a little of yourself and make your pictures your own. A memento for the future and an opportunity to show your personality on camera.  

There are all sorts of clever ways to make the graduation shot memorable. Traditional shot for the grandparents and parents, a quirky version with a mate and a more unconventional one for yourself. 

If you are reading this and thinking about graduation pictures – it means that you’ve made it thus far.   

Congratulations!  This is a milestone that highlights your rite of passage into adulthood. 

Now, go out and enjoy yourself!  

Get in quick as sessions book out quickly.  More information on our easy graduation packages.

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