Our top 5 outside-the-box corporate photo booth ideas

As an event planner, your job to come up regularly with unusual party entertainment can be daunting. Especially if you are contracted to supply ideas for corporate event entertainment. Many of the participants frequently attend events, thus providing entertainment that is engaging and promotes participation can be challenging.

Fear not! We have an option that not only will engage participants, but also offer branding opportunities without breaking the bank.

A corporate photo booth hire can tick all the boxes for most corporate event entertainment. It fills both the entertainment aspect as well as supplying shareable mementos from the event.  To help you with your next function, here are our favourite photo booth ideas for corporate events.

1. Green Screen

  • Fun and participatory brand engagement.
  • Custom background with a theme or company branding.
  • Unique keepsake that ensures that your brand and identity are retained long after the initial impression.
A Family Pose For Photo At The Green Screen Photo Booth - Snap Photo Booth - Scene To Believe

2. Mosaic Photo Booth

For a decidedly modern twist on an old favourite, the Mosaic Photobooth offers unusual party entertainment in it is the images of the participants that create the mural. Photo stickers digitally created on the spot are placed individually on numbered cells by event participants. As the mosaic progresses with each application, an image reveals itself. A few notable qualities of a Mosaic Photo Booth include:

  • Connecting participants to a brand as they become part of the image. 
  • Capturing great moments for participants.
  • Boosting the footfall of your event.
  • Providing an incredibly powerful branding opportunity.

3. GIF Booth

Would you believe that GIFs are 30 years old? Far gone are the days of the Oogachacka Baby (aka creepy dancing baby). Today a GIF Booth is one of the more exciting photo booth ideas for corporate events. Here’s why:

  • GIF booths capture a series of images and turn these into incredibly engaging 2 or 3-second clips. 
  • Clips are shared on social media for an organic brand awareness campaign.
  • Animated or static branded overlays can be added for compelling brand activation.

4. Themed Booths

We have discovered that given a theme, a significant percentage of participants will take up the challenge and make an effort to dress up. It’ll get the most introverted of attendees to participate and make your next corporate entertainment a success. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Have a selection of great props on hand like mustachios, hats, and speech bubbles.
  • Use popular themes like “favourite Hollywood stars”, “historical characters” or “super-heroes”.
  • Work with our designers for your perfect custom-designed backdrop.
Three Woman With Their Children At The Photo Booth - Snap Photo Booth - Scene To Believe

5. SnapTag Hashtag Printer

Adding a SnapTag Hashtag Printer to any booth option helps to transform a simple Instagram post into a branded memento that guests take home.  The SnapTag Hashtag Printer include benefits such as:

  • Instant on-site printing.
  • Customised hashtag.
  • Shareable content.
  • Branded call to action.

Finally, to drive traffic towards any of the above corporate photo booths during your event, we recommend allowing for corporate event photography services during the event such as a roaming photographer. They can help with customer engagement and make the most out of your photo booth hire during an event. 

Happy planning!

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