Parents – How to Celebrate During Covid 19

The rite of passage that is graduation can represent several things to people. For some to celebrate the end of a chapter, or the beginning of a new phase in their lives, and for others, graduation is simply acknowledging personal accomplishment. No matter how you or your loved one feels about graduation, 2020 will be remembered for many things, not the least of which includes how we celebrate amid a pandemic.

Although grand ceremonies have been downsized, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate and no reason to neglect our milestones. We share with you our favourite top 6 creative COVID-friendly celebration ideas for your graduate.

Dealing with Disappointment

Let’s face it, the graduating class of 2020 got a raw deal.

From University student’s well-deserved accomplishments, to year 12 students completing their HSC, the Year of the Pandemic hit students hard.

Validated Disappointment

Most would recognise that their disappointment is warranted. Therefore, the first step is to acknowledge and validate the disappointment. Psychology Today weighs in and advises that having the answer isn’t well… always the answer! –
““You just have to show up and listen and acknowledge the loss”.

Talk it out

The expectation leading up to these important stages in a young person’s life is sometimes bigger than the event itself. However, explaining this may not resonate with your graduating loved one. Discussing what aspects of graduation is the most important in your graduate’s eyes may be a way to embody the disappointment.

Once the disappointment has taken form, you can begin a plan of attack as to what the celebration may look like and mitigate the disappointment. You then look at the alternatives that are available to you.

Remember, this will not be a foolproof initiative, but it can provide some alternatives until the Pandemic is in check and a more elaborate celebration can be considered. Here are our top tips for your COVID-19 Graduation celebration:

1. Professional Photoshoot

Consider a professional photoshoot with gown and diploma. Graduates in pictures by themselves and with family members can immortalise these cherished moments and be shared with family and friends. There are all sorts of clever ways to make the graduation shots memorable. Traditional shot for the grandparents and parents, a fun one with a mate, a more unconventional one for the Graduate as well as a headshot for a professional online profile or resume.

If possible and safe, consider going to the school grounds for a few impromptu shots with your Graduate in front of the school with gown and cap.

2. Celebrate at Home

If our Graduate has ordered the school gown and cap, use it for a celebration at home. Depending on where you are in Australia, invite the maximum number of people allowed for a private celebration.

3. Use Technology

Many schools and universities are commemorating graduations digitally and this can be an ideal time to plan your celebration.

A Female Graduate Watching Virtual Ceremony - Graduation Photographers - Scene To Believe

You can also host a virtual party with online chat services like Zoom or Facebook’s Messenger chat room with a capacity of 50 people. Your Graduate can connect with classmates and friends during the home celebration.

Create a shared virtual document by using the many Group eCard available online. Pass along to friends and family so they may add their own words of wisdom, pictures, GIFs, and videos.

4. Speech

Give a speech!

Outline the Graduate’s accomplishments including the resilience demonstrated during this rather unusual year. Graduating during the year of a pandemic is not only memorable but commendable.

Have your Graduate also deliver a speech. Perhaps as a thank-you letter to family and friends. This can take the shape of a reflection of the road travelled in the past year, funny anecdotes, and memories that are important to them. It might just be the reminder needed to discover what there is to be thankful for.

5. Special Meal

Since we live in a relatively tempered climate, host the celebration outside if you can. Put together your Graduate’s favourite meal and cake with a message of congratulation. A celebratory meal and a toast to the Graduate will do wonders.

Foods And Glasses Of Drinks At The Wooden Table - Graduate Photoshoot - Scene To Believe

6. Decorate the House

Everyone loves decorations. Graduation signs, balloons streamers, fairy lights, and upbeat music. If you’re having an outdoor celebration, decorate there as well. Make it festive!

The bittersweet sentiment that most parents feel when their child graduates, is impacted by the pandemic restrictions as many events are cancelled. Depending on where you are in the country and the restrictions in place in your area, there are ways to celebrate this important event whilst keeping your family safe.

Addressing the issue of restrictions on Graduation celebrations due to COV D-19 step by step can help find the most suitable solution for you. In turn, a Graduation celebration can inject some normality in an otherwise abnormal situation. So, go head! Celebrate your Graduate’s special landmark in his or her academic life.

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