Preparing for a COVID safe Christmas season

We are preparing ourselves for an unusual Christmas season this year and including Santa and Mrs Claus.

Although very healthy, the Claus’s are in the high-risk group.  Hence this year we have put in place stringent COVID-19 protocols to make this Christmas Season a safe and happy one for both our favourite Christmas characters and your family.

This does not mean that the joy of Christmas Santa photos will be bypassed this year.   It simply means that with a bit of creativity we will deliver a creative Santa Picture with your family that will become even more of a special photo keepsake due to the Pandemic.


Our online booking will reflect the new procedures with enhanced services, including:

  • Pre-bookings are necessary to avoid long line-ups (all details will be available on your preferred shopping centre’s website).
  • Visitors will be asked to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled bookings to avoid crowded areas.
  • Longer time slot in between pictures to allow for extra cleaning.
  • Information captured during the booking will be passed on to Santa (i.e. Little Jessy wants a Ricky the Trick-Lovin Pup for Christmas).
  • We encourage families to bring their creative props or costumes to the photoshoot like matching pyjamas, ugly sweaters, hand-made signs.
  • An email will be sent once the booking is made explaining:
    • What is expected during the visit from families on the day.
    • The safety measures to expect on the day.  For example, a 1.5m social distancing will be in place between visitors and Santa as well as his team.  But do not worry – We have come up with creative ideas that will make the experience and photo results as magical as ever!
    • All explained with appropriate messaging that you can share with your children such as – ”We won’t get too close to Santa to make sure he doesn’t get sick. We want him to be able to deliver everyone’s presents”.
  • Book early to avoid missing out! COVID-19 has put a limitation on the number of visitors we can accommodate and consequently have less booking spots available.

Remember if at any time before your visit, you or anyone in your family feel any cold or flu symptoms please refrain from visiting and get tested. Santa is here for a while and will see you when you are better!

During the visit to reduce risk

The lowest risk Santa experience is one where physical distancing is maintained between Santa and his helpers, families, and other visitors. Specific measures include:

  • Visitors keeping 1.5-metre away from Santa and Santa’s Helpers.
  • Avoiding physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs, and high fives
  • Using “Tap and Go” instead of cash.
  • Avoiding crowding at the Santa set with queueing space limited with floor decals (pre-booking required).
  • Practise good hygiene with sanitising stations at the entry and exits of sets.
  • Additional cleaning/wiping down surfaces between pictures.
  • Additional monitor to view photographs at point of sale to expedite the process.
  • Greeters to walk you through and ensure a COVID safe visit.

Although these specific measures are in place for the health of your family and our staff, the implementation will be delivered appropriately as we want to maintain a festive atmosphere.

Santa interaction

We will ensure that all of Santa’s visitors have the most magical Christmas moment and photo keepsake whilst providing a COVIDSafe experience for all. Santa will observe the following protocol:

  • Interaction with families from his chair/throne.
  • Address physical distancing in a fun way to explain to children that he wants to avoid getting sick so he can deliver presents to everyone.
  • By sitting on his throne on one side of the set reading a story whilst the family or children are on the other side sitting on seats.
  • We will have several suitable props on hand for Santa to ensure that photos are fun and interactive.
  • We do encourage families to bring their own personal props like a favourite toy or a chalkboard that they can write a message for family and friends.

With your help, we can make your Santa Photo session this year a festive, safe, and memorable one!

Find your closest location for your Santa Picture.

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