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What does your business want for Christmas? Magical Santa photos? Or a total Christmas solution. Whatever you desire, our team of over 2000 Christmas loving experts, Santas and Christmas characters can deliver. Let’s create some magic!

Who We’ve Worked With

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All our Santa photos are brilliant & mark the growth of our family from one to four sons, then as they have become young men! We have had them done at David Jones or Westfield, booked through your company.

When two of them lived interstate for University (Queensland) & Sports Training (Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand) for a few years, we would FIFO them for 24 hours to get our annual photo. We are committed. It was expensive. There were tantrums, even in 2014 while they impatiently stood in line for 2 hours on Christmas Eve!

As an overly enthusiastic mother, I bought them new matching outfits each year until about 5 years ago when they have chosen a “theme”, to make it fun & interesting.

So many of our friends & family look forward to the photo each year & now make their kids do the same thing.

I am yet to meet another family that has the number of photos we have, with 4 complying boys!

Thanks to your great team for helping make it happen!

Sarah & Kurt Jeffree

Scene to Believe generously offered to have Santa Pat visit some of our patients at Royal North Shore Hospital by partnering with the NORTH Foundation. The Scene to Believe team was brilliant and professional – adapting to different hospital settings and wards in order to ensure we were mindful of sensitive situations, patient care, privacy standards and sterile conditions. Santa Pat is certainly a sight to behold (with many declaring him the most realistic Santa they had seen) and it was a joy to see him interacting with our healthcare workers, new families in the maternity ward and children in our pediatrics department. For some of our patients this allowed them a burst of Christmas spirit that they had not thought possible for that year and for this we are extremely grateful!

Nicky Jacobs Philanthropy Manager

Scene to Believe have worked closely with the QVB Centre Management team for a number of years to deliver Sydney’s best Santa photography experience. The Scene to Believe team continually work to improve the facilitation of exceptional customer experiences and drive the commercial success of the activation. From the quality of the photography to Santa himself, it’s always a key focus to deliver a magical and joyful experience.  The Scene to Believe team are always proactive and throughout the activation will always go above and beyond to push their team to provide a memorable Santa experience for all. Their collaboration and passion is evident in every touchpoint and we appreciate all that they do.

Clare-Marie Martinez Marketing Manager

A very big thank you to Scene to Believe, who arranged Santa Paddy to visit The Royal Hospital for Women handing out gifts to all our patients, taking photos with our mums group and spreading the Christmas cheer within the hospital. Scene to Believe were a pleasure to deal with and we are looking forward to working with the team again this Christmas. 

Christina Zouvelekis Events Manager

Ready to create magic?

We’d love to enchant your visitors with a magical Christmas solution or Christmas photo booth. We think about Christmas all year round! So if it’s maximum Christmas magic and minimal stress that you desire, book a consultation with our team.

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Need a Santa at your Christmas Party?

Bring the magic of Christmas to your party or event with interactive Santa characters, portable Santa sets and instant photographs which are customized with your branding!

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