The benefits of a complete graduation photography service

Graduation photography has come a long way in the past decades. Technology and comprehensive planning have added a more flexible approach to Graduation Day and made the celebration an inclusive and joyful affair for all.

Graduation Ceremony - Graduation Photography - Scene To Believe

As an institution of higher learning, there are several benefits to providing a complete graduation photography service to your students on Graduation Day. Important details are taken care of to ensure that each graduate, proud family, and faculty member enjoys the day free from stress. 

From the graduation regalia to important mementos, several customised packages are available and can include:

  • Graduation attire like graduation gowns and cap 
  • Graduation frames and testamur frames
  • Graduation bears
  • Graduation photos

All inclusions featured in one easy transaction is a significant advantage for your institution and your graduands.    

Graduation attire

For one, graduation regalia is much easier to organise these days with the option of either hiring or buying graduation gowns, caps, and other graduation attire. 

  • Premium regalia like graduation gowns are available in several sizes.
  • Well-made academic caps are available in several sizes.

Having a selection of sizes available on-site will avoid potential hassles on Graduation Day and have your graduands celebrating in style.

Woman Adjusts The Graduation Hat Of A Graduate - Graduation Photography - Scene To Believe

Graduation photos 

Our specialist photographers have years of experience capturing graduation ceremonies with state-of-the-art photographic equipment.  

  • Graduation photography studio portraiture with professional lighting. 
  • Customised backdrop for graduates and their guests.
  • Speakers  and Award Ceremony photography
  • Photos are available as high-quality prints or in digital format.
  • Photos are printed on-site and ready to take home on the day. 

These considerations make a complete graduation photography service an incredibly viable option for your institution. 

Family With Their Graduate Son At The Photo Booth - Photographer For Graduation - Scene To Believe

Graduation certificate frames 

Graduation day is the perfect time for your graduating students to invest in quality certificate frames to protect and show off their university testamur. 

  • Institution branding graduation frames.
  • High-quality and Australian-made.
  • Matching photo frames.
  • Available on the day of graduation.

These premium testamur frames will keep these precious mementos safe from mould and discolouration right from the day of graduation.  

Finishing university leaves graduates with several emotions including the relief of seeing the end of a long journey and excitement for the next adventure. Ensuring that Graduation Day is worry-free by pre-planning with complete graduation photography service will ensure you that your graduands leave your institution with one of their most memorable life moments. 

Happy planning!

Ready to start planning?

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